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dbc architecture inc. is an architectural practice focused on the specific needs of complex infrastructure projects. We provide a wide range of services, extending well beyond the boundaries of a traditional architecture practice, with the goal of helping clients navigate the elaborate processes associated with major building or systems upgrades. From project planning and stakeholder coordination to design and construction services, dbc is a firm focused on client’s needs and goals. We have been referred to as the glue that holds projects together, especially projects that involve renovations of existing operational facilities.

pdx communications center renovation

The PDX Communications Center is the communications hub for both emergency and non-emergency activities, and operates 24/7. The project needed to completely redesign and expand the existing facility with no disruption to operations.

pdx concourse d hvac, skylight, and roofing improvements

The 25-year-old HVAC systems serving the west end of Concourse D needed replacing, and the existing roofing and skylights were reaching the end of their useful lives. Our challenge was to rehabilitate the skylights, replace the roof, reduce the heating and cooling loads in the building, and design new HVAC systems for the concourse, all without impacting airport activities.