Port of Portland
Alan Dakessian, Project Manager
Robin McCaffrey, Project Manager

Construction Data
Budget: $8,880,000

Prime Consultant and all Engineering Disciplines
Burns & McDonnell

Architect, Local Project Manager, and Construction Administration
DBC Architecture


Project Summary + Solution

The 25-year-old HVAC systems serving the west end of Concourse D – along with their associated HVAC controls, heating and chilled water piping, VAV terminal units, and electrical systems – needed replacing, and the existing roofing and skylights on this portion of the terminal were reaching the end of their useful lives. Temporary HVAC systems were also required during construction to maintain building temperatures while the old system was replaced. We designed an overall package of building upgrades that significantly reduced heating and cooling loads, resulting in lower energy costs and additional chilled water capacity at the central utility plant. The new architectural elements also provided better weathertightness, significantly extended the life of the skylights, improved passenger comfort, and extended design continuity between this area and the rest of PDX.